5 Shifts to Stand Out Online, Get Maximum Visibility and Attract High-Paying Clients in as Little as 30 Days!
(even if no one knows about you right now & petrified of getting yourself out there!)
Sunday, February 23rd


  • A step-by-step game plan to leverage your service-based business, get massive reach, and get SEEN as the go-to expert in your market. Even if you're brand new to online marketing.
  • The REAL reason you haven't hit your business goals, are keeping yourself in hiding, and haven't gotten the clients you want, and exactly what to do to shift this ASAP!
  • My secret weapon to accelerating the timeline to turning leads into clients who can't wait to work with you, even if you don't have a big list or following yet!
  • Mindset AND tactical strategies to help you show up consistently, present your message with authority and emotion, and finally create a business that lets you create the abundance you desire, on your OWN terms.
  • How to avoid the biggest rookie mistakes on social media, while creating a name for yourself as the "go-to" for your unique expertise, and have huge impact on clients that you LOVE working with!
  • What every online business owner needs to automate their marketing, grow their tribe by thousands, and book high-paying clients without being a slave to their business.
  • AND how to do ALL this from the comfort of your own home(or fave coffee shop), with just a laptop, smartphone and a WiFi connection.
About Your Presenter
Desiree is a certified transformational coach and visibility expert for purpose-driven, service based entrepreneurs all over the globe. She helps women create high-value personal brands online so that they can stand out as the premium expert in their field, bust their visibility fears and create a full-time income and more even as a new coach or consultant!
Desiree Crowley
Visibility Strategist

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