Blood Sugar Mastery

This webinar will give you the most effective ways to naturally reverse type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity with a proven research-backed approach.

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Dr. Geoff DePaula

Dr. DePaula has been in clinical practice since 2000, practicing a cutting edge approach to healthcare called integrative medicine. Integrative medicine brings together the “best of both worlds” utilizing the most powerful aspects of Western medicine and evidence-based complimentary & alternative medicine. He is the founder and CEO of IM Health’s Virtual Diabetes Reduction Program, and has proven its effectiveness through a study with Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, that an integrative medicine approach gets the best outcomes for patients and saves the most money in healthcare costs.

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What You're Going To Learn

  • Achieve healthy blood sugar levels naturally
  • How are you have the potential to get OFF medications and insulin injections
  • How you have the potential to reverse complications from diabetes such as: numbness and tingling, eye problems, etc.
  • Switch your body into “fat burning mode” and lose weight easily
  • Reduce the stress & hassle of having diabetes
  • Eat rich delicious food… and lose weight
  • There are many positive side effects to this natural approach including: lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels, reduced stress, more energy, healthy blood sugar levels, and normalized body weight
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