5 Simple Steps My Clients Use to
FINALLY Get Over the Ex & NEVER
Get Hurt Again By the Wrong Guy

(Even if They've Dated All the Wrong Men Before)

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Cherlyn Chong

Cherlyn is a breakup recovery coach for smart, ambitious professional women who want to get over the ex completely and love fearlessly again.

She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Upworthy, Thought Catalog and Lifehack.

July 16
Monday, July 16 7:11 AM Pacific / 10:11 AM Eastern

In This Workshop, You'll Learn

  • The step-by-step game plan my clients use to get over the ex COMPLETELY without the fear of getting this hurt by ANY man again.
  • The surprisingly simple attitude that’s the game changer for how fast they picked themselves off the floor and out the door, even if they felt utterly hopeless at that time.
  • Why letting “time heal all wounds" is the WORST method for getting over an ex and how it is possible to start dropping an ex from the head and heart TODAY.
  • The #1 science-based secret weapon my most successful clients are using to turn their breakups into a chance to pursue their dream careers, earn more money than ever and find the courage to get back out there again, without the never-ending visits to their therapists.
  • How my clients practically guarantee NEVER getting hurt by a toxic guy again (it’s almost ridiculous how few women know this!)
  • And how they did all of this while also feeling confident that they'd meet the RIGHT guy, an amazing guy who only wants to make them happy and won’t want to leave.


Gaining back HOPE and peace, feeling empowered and confident, stopping the painful thoughts of the ex, waking up feeling excited again, actually enjoying your life once more.

Yes, Save My Spot !