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David Huffman

David Huffman is the Founder & CEO of the Closings on Demand program. He's has helped agents across the country build a sustainable high 5 & 6-figures a month real estate businesses, all while being done by 5:30pm each day.

“What the Top 1% of Real Estate Agents Know That You Don’t”

“How a Small Group of Agents are Earning High 6 & 7-Figures Commissions Without Having a Large Team"

(All while living the life they want to live!)

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What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

  • ✔ "The SIMPLE 4-step business model that is turning our clients into high 6 & 7-figure earners' while still heading home by 5:30pm everyday.”
  • ✔ “A simple structure that our clients are following to make sure they are always working on income producing activities."
  • ✔ “Why relying heavily on your sphere of influence and working by referral only will only leave you short of your income goals and not allow you a consistent sustainable income.”
  • ✔ “How to get prospects to return your voicemail and want to meet with you on the first call.”
  • ✔ “And how doing all this will allow you to achieve more of your personal goals and #MakeYourLifeCount.”

Be prepared as I will be 100% REAL with you as a lot of things the "industry" says you must do to be successful is 100% wrong!

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