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  • A SIMPLE  5-SHIFT program that you can start TODAY that will eliminate your ANXIETY & POOR DIGESTION  so that you can focus on your REAL LIFE GOALS.

  • Learn how to STOP intrusive thoughts and negativity so that you can experience  joy in your activities. 

  • Scientifically proven methods that IMPROVE your mood and behavior and BOOST your digestion.

  • Learn about the Gut-Brain CONNECTION and why you need an integrative appraoch that a pill or diet can't give you.

  • Get out of the DAILY BEHAVIORS that  make your anxiety and poor digestion worse. 

  • And...learn how to BREAK free.  Use your LIFESTYLE,  MINDSET,  EMOTIONAL WELLBEING to get you OUT of the anxiety and poor digestion and into the life you've always wanted.

Monica Yearwood

Monica Yearwood is known as an anxiety and digestion expert with specialties in detoxification, herbalism, meditation, yoga and ayurveda. She is the founder of Eliminate Anxiety & Gain Life Balance, an 8-week online program, and Hamsa Center for Wellbeing in Chicago.  Monica has guided thousands of men and women from all over the world through health programs since 2006. Her work has been featured in national publications such as Shape and First Woman magazine. 

"I started the program over 2 months ago and have re-introduced foods back into my diet. I am happy to report, I am still symptom free! No burning, belching, fatigue related to eating and no abdominal swelling. After what seems to be a lifetime of difficulty with food, I am now on a good lifestyle path.” — Cathy Pearlman