Discover the 5 Step Strategy My Clients Have Used to Overcome Stress Induced Insomnia Without Having to Try Countless Sleeping Gimmicks

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Alex Saxton

Alex Saxton BSc (Hons) Psychology MCH DHP DCH

Alex Saxton is a Sleep Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist who has helped dozens of busy entrepreneurs, high level execs and hard-working professionals learn to relax and release worries so that they too can enjoy the pleasures of a good night’s sleep. Every night!

Alex has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Warwick, and she was awarded her Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications from The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in London.

September 21
Monday, September 21 6:00 PM London

Let’s Get You Sleeping Again - ASAP! In today’s training I’ll unveil:

  • The unique step by step strategy that my busy entrepreneur and hard-working professional clients have used to overcome their stress-induced insomnia, so that they can sleep amazingly well again and look forward to going to bed - every night!
  • How to crush work stress, one of the main causes of insomnia, without needing to change jobs for this to happen
  • How to put a cap on incessant worries in the day even if you are a busy professional with 101 things on your mind
  • The ultimate guide to calming your mind at night so that you can fall asleep with ease without having to knock yourself out with sleeping pills
  • My 2 SECRET ingredients to making the transition from counting sheep to blissful sleep as quick, easy and as effortless as it can be!


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