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The 7 Deadly Sins Authors Commit in Book Publishing Today

If you're writing a book, and you have a few thousand dollars to spend publishing and marketing it, how should you spend your money?
You need to know the three priorities that must be at the top of your list. If you don't give your book the attention it deserves, you risk ending up with a book that looks amateurish, unprofessional and sloppy--with no chance whatsoever to become a bestseller. 
Judith Briles, the author of 31 books who has coached hundreds of authors, knows "The 7 Deadly Sins Authors Commit in Book Publishing Today." She explains them all, with help from publicity expert Joan Stewart, book distribution expert Amy Collins and branding expert Georgia McCabe.
In this hour-long webinar recording, you will learn:
  • How self-publishing is turning traditional publishing on its head 

  • The hard work you must be prepared to do even if you have a big publisher

  • The surprising fact you must know about getting your book into Costco, Sam's Club and the other Big Box stores

  • How to breathe new life into an old book that isn't selling

  • Why typos---even just one---can kill you and what you must do to prevent them

  • The one thing that's much more important than what your book is about (authors hate hearing this, but it's true) 

  • Why many journalists don't care about your book and what you SHOULD be pitching instead to get their attention

  • A killer tip that will keep you from including in your book outdated links that annoy readers 

  • When it's difficult to market to the masses and a much better strategy that can result in sales galore 

  • All the juicy details of "Create the Ultimate Bestseller at Sea," a cruise to the Caribbean Jan. 18-23 where these four experts along with book marketing expert Penny Sansevieri will teach you how to write and publish a book that hits the bestseller list. 

  • All the answers to questions that authors asked during the call

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