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Watch This Exclusive Webinar With ROARlocal.com Founder Neil Asher To Find Out How He Creates Over £150 Million In Sales For Clients....


Facebook's initial public offering was a disaster. Morgan Stanley over sold the stock at $38 per share when in truth it's value was only $20. Investors lost their shirts and Zuckerberg was left with egg on his face! Add to that his employees who'd toiled away working 90 hour weeks for their stock ownership, only to find out after the first day of trading that the millions they thought they'd made had halved in value.

Tough times indeed for Facebook. Yet in all the hardship there is the seed of opportunity for you. As of right now, there are1 billion users on Facebook.

The only way the Mark Zuckerberg can prop up the price of his shares and save his neck is to run more and more ads on Facebook. You may not have noticed but we've gone from 3 ads on the right hand side to 5-6 now...again - think opportunity! And did you know that they are trial-ing remarketing on Facebook? (Don't know about remarketing? You definately need to watch this webinar now....)

What that means is that there's more ad spaces that facebook has to sell. After all they can't have empty spaces on the right hand side now, can they? That would be a disaster for the share price. This means they need your advertising pounds. The ad space is cheaper to buy and ads that were taking days to get approved now take minutes. Images that would NEVER have gotten passed last year now pass with ease. Offers that were impossible to run now routinely run.

This is a window of opportunity that won't stay open for long.Once Facebook figures out mobile marketing this window will close... but for now it's time to make hay because the sun is shining! That's why there's never been a better time to learn the traffic generation strategies I'm sharing in this unique FREE webinar.