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Your Toughest Questions About Book Publishing Answered Here--And a Chance to Win a Free Cruise with Us

Authors have so many questions about book publishing that in this webinar, our third in a series, we decided to let you ask about whatever is on your mind.

Your questions were fabulous! You asked about book covers and interior designs, what to expect to pay for printing, how to price a book, how to jumpstart a stalled book campaign and lots more. You will learn:

  • Judith's three tips for authors who don't want their ebooks on erotica or romance banned by Amazon and the other ebook stores

  • What smart authors do every three months or so to draw more people to their books on sites like Amazon. (Google loves this!)

  • The importance of book trailers, and the one trap you shouldn't fall into

  • The most important information about your book that you should include at your website

  • What to do if you're publishing two very different books in different genres: one website or two?

  • Our best advice on podcasting: how to do it inexpensively and gain a new audience of fans

  • How to jump-start marketing for a book that's been our awhile and inject new interest in the title

  • How to do your research so you know how to price your book and the minimum number of competitors' books you should compare to your own

  • How to know approximately how many books another author has sold

  • How much you can expect to pay for a well-designed cover

  • Our recommendations on the best companies to print your book

  • An important piece of information that many authors fail to include in the press release about their book

  • Three platforms and programs to consider for recording video.

  • and many more questions, including a sneak peek at the cruise we're hosting Jan. 18-23 in the Caribbean and how you can join us to learn what you need to know about book publishing from five book publishing experts.

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