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FemmeFreedom Training

  • Presenter: Mara Hoover
  • Webinar: FemmeFreedom Training
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During this Webinar you will learn:

  • I'm going to reveal to you the 7-step framework that I've created to empower women to find fulfillment and financial freedom on their terms!!

  • You will empower yourself by getting the tools needed to live the life you want, a life that you Love!

  • You will remember how special and important you are. Often times when we live by somebody else's rules we forget what makes us unique. The FemmeFreedom Training brings you back to center so that U can celebrate you and step into a place of power!

  • I'm going to walk you through ways to redefine success for yourself. This is going to help you feel more centered, more aligned and more excited about moving towards the goal that is most important to U!

  • You will learn a framework that was developed through my life experiences. When I was able to align with what was most important to me, I finally started feeling more fulfilled and free. So can you!