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How to Quit Following a Template Laid Down By Others and Start Blazing Your Own Trail . . .

So You Can Get Paid to be Who You Are, Play Your Own Game, Create Your Own Freedom and Say GOODBYE to Dead-End Work Forever.

Wednesday at 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern

On this webinar you will discover

  • The one thing you can do to immediately transform your chances of success right now (it is the closest thing I know of to a shortcut)
  • How you can create an inevitable route to your mission business, that you never want to stop walking(so you never wake up an old man or woman wondering what the hell you did with your life)
  • Why choosing a niche is really dumb, and the counterintuitive thing you need to do instead to create your freedom
  • Why we must start taking a stand against the system that is designed to make us despise our work, and start being part of a new movement where work is centered in joy, contribution, and community
  • How to create a game that you are destined to win, where all the odds are in your favor (rather than being forced to play someone else's game, that you are destined to lose)

This is a brand new presentation that I'm sharing with our small community here. And it stands to change this space in a big way.

Mark your calendar! I am looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!



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