Become a Celebrity in Your Niche
[Podcasting Live Training]


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Presenter: Kris Gilbertson

Webinar: Become a Celebrity in Your Niche [Podcasting Live Training]

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Kris Gilbertson, the #1 Woman iTunes and Podcasting Expert in the world, is going to show you how to master a strategy to grow your business in record time - To double your email opt-ins and increase your website traffic by 40%.

You will discover:

  • How to generate FREE Traffic, Leads, & Sales with iTunes

  • 5 Top Benefits to Podcasting for ANY Business

  • Ways to reach an UN-Tapped Market of over 500,000,000 Active buyers

  • 5 Vital Elements for Success in iTunes

  • The simple 5 Step Process to Create Your Podcast Today

  • How to Generate More Sales doing what you Love