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Making of Red Line Webinar

Making of Red Line Webinar

Learn how JPCatholic students made a feature film!

Join us this week for a free webinar to learn about the student experience in making Red Line, a feature length thriller produced at our campus by JPCatholic faculty and students. Red Line stars Nicole Gale Anderson (Mean Girls 2, Make it or Break it) and John Billingsley (Star Trek Enterprise, The West Wing), and it is has been distributed domestically and internationally on DVD, Netflix, and Video on Demand.

The presentations will last about 45 minutes and will give you the opportunity to hear from both the students and the professors who worked on this full-length project.

    Order of Events

  • Professor Rob Kirbyson

  • Professor Chris Riley

  • Professor Tom Dunn

    Professor of Media
  • Colleen Monroe (student)

    Art Director and Costume Designer
  • Bridget Salisbury (student)

    Student Casting Assistant
  • Matt Connors (student)

    Assistant Director
  • Red Line Theatrical Trailer