(LIVE) Learn How The "Secret 1%" of FX Traders Use NEURAL NETWORKS & Smart Money Techniques for 90% Forex Trading Accuracy! - Know Today What The Markets Will Do Tomorrow.

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  • Webinar Date: Sunday, July 24 
  • Presenters: Curt Dalton & Ali Khan (2o-year Trading Veterans @ ITM Financial)
  • Topics Covered
    • 90% Accurate Forex Trading Techniques for Minimum 5:1 Success Rates.
    • In-Depth "Real" Market Analysis & How The "Secret 1%" Do It Profitably.
    • How to Gain a Minimum of 500 to 3,000 pips/month using Neural Networks Technology.
    • How You Can Use ITM Neural Networks for upto 90% Accurate Trade Setups.
    • Why Traditional Technical Analysis Strategies DOOM you to failure.

Raving Testimonials from Raving Fans:

"I wasted 2 years and 3 months browsing forums.. what a fabulous waste of time! If I had known then what I do now from Ali and Curt's techniques, I'd be a millionaire by now! Thankyou!!" - Randall, Oklahoma

"Wish I'd seen this 5 years ago when I first started trading forex... These 90 minutes changed my WHOLE APPROACH to forex altogether.. Only 1 week of trading Ali's setups and I'm up 561 pips! Thankyou Curt and Ali.. god bless!" - Martha, South Africa.

"You guys are a breath of fresh air in the forex world... Salute!" - Leonard, Florida USA.

"90% accuracy?? BULLSHIT... This is 200% accurate! Amazing work gents!" - Jessica, Melbourne, Australia

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