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LIVE Webinar reveals:  Why you should not rent your properties-



"My LEASE OPTION system will increase your cash flow and to get tenants who don't bug you".

The lease option queen, Phyllis Rockower, reveals how she uses lease options to get tenants that pay more, don't require repairs and don't leave.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • -The 3 types of lease options... How to structure the terms for each so you get the most profit
  • -How to prepare the property... Spending the least amount of money for the biggest bang for your buck
  • -How to get people fighting over themselves to be you tenants... Learn how to market properly so it can rented in a heartbeat
  • -How to qualify the best tenants... Avoiding lying deadbeats will save you money and grief
  • -How to word the ad... A good ad will save you a tremendous amount of time so you can sift through the applicants quickly
  • -How to construct the terms of the option... Doing this properly will insure the most profit
  • -How to rent junker properties without fixing them... My 0 down- you fix program requires no repair money

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