The ULTIMATE Local Marketing Tool

Trainer: Kevin Wilke

Join me Thursday, July 10 at 9:30 PM (Eastern)
Register below and on this high-impact webinar, you will leave with...

  • The Exact Steps To Having The #1 TOOL To Getting Customers (How to create your own Local Online Marketing Book)

  • 9 Proven Ways To Use Your Book To Generate More Leads, Of Your Ideal Prospects (Each of these can get you 5 to 10 or more new customers.)

  • How To Use Your Book to Shorten The Sales Cycle (Use this so it takes significantly less time from getting a prospect to becoming your client & paying you cash.)

  • How To Get More Customers While Charging Premium Prices (Start Closing More Deals At Higher Prices.)

  • How To Remove Objections So They Never Even Come Up (Even If You're Brand New)

  • Plus Case-Studies From Fellow Local Marketers (Hear them share exactly how they used their book to get more clients so you can duplicate their success.)

And this webinar will be the first time in nearly one year we have publically opened up the Done-For-You Easy Button Book Program to new members. Don't wait another year for this opportunity to come around again.