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How to Use 12 Book Publishing Trends to Sell More Books

You can't sell more books tomorrow by using yesterday's tips, tricks and tools. The publishing industry is changing too rapidly.

We're The Chicks at Sea, and we've identified 12 book publishing trends that every author needs to know about. (We guarantee that there are a few you haven't heard about yet.)

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you no longer have to grovel at the feet of traditional media to get publicity for your book

  • The big trend in printing and how this can bring down your costs

  • The one social media site that every author must be on, and why. If you're on only one, this is it.

  • How a new search tool is picking up speed very quickly and how it can help you

  • The danger in writing for and marketing to a general audience

  • The important statistic that rules how your website must appear to visitors

  • The huge opportunities that await authors by selling to libraries

  • What's happening with retailers and an important development that can cost you dearly

  • How to tap into the new trends governing ebook marketing, sales and distribution

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