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Attention Speakers, Authors, Coaches, Info-Marketers, Sales Professionals & Entrepreneurs: Groundbreaking Webinar Reveals…

“How To Profit Outrageously Speaking At LIVE Events And Webinars…Even If You Have No Experience And Don't Even Know What To Say” 

Here's Your Chance To Shortcut Your Learning Curve, Piggy Back On Our Hard Won Secrets, And Join The Ranks Of The Most Elite And Successful Speakers And Promoters In Business Today!

On This Special Webinar You'll Discover...

How To Increase Your Income By 6 And 7 Figures With A Single Masterfully Crafted Proven Pitch For Stage Or Webinars. You'll See Minute-To-Minute Detail Of A Master Presentation And How To Create One For Yourself.

Dave's proven 12-step system you can use to build killer stage and webinar presentations for maximum response and high conversions...in any customer base you want to capture and dominate!

Why The Nation's Leading Speakers, Thought Leaders & Marketers Seek Out Dave Out When They Need To Compel Their Audiences Into Action

The Difference Between Public Speaking And Profitable Speaking. If You Want To Make Serious Cash From Speaking Engagements And Webinars, Then You'll Need To Know The Difference. (Hint: The Standing Ovation Is The Kiss Of Death For Sales!)

The Structure Of A Persuasive Presentation And Why So Many Speakers Do This Wrong And Get Disastrous Results.

Creating Instant Rapport And Credibility. The Audience Will Only Buy When They Know, Like And Trust You. You'll Discover How To Instantly Connect Before You Step On Stage - And Even Before You Walk Into The Room.

Using ”Embedded Commands“ And The Power Of Suggestion To Bypass Conscious Resistance, And Speak Directly To The Subconscious Mind Directing Your Audience To Take Action.

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