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Authors Beware: What You Must Know to Avoid Being Fleeced by the Publishing Predators

If you're writing or publishing a book, beware that Publishing Predators are around every corner, just waiting to trap you and your credit card number.

How do you spot them?

  • They will print and bind your book at your expense and give you "as many books as you can afford," even if the book is poorly written.

  • They promise you a bestselling book if you sign with them.

  • They claim your book will get in front of the acquisition team of a certain "New York publishing house."

  • They pump you up by telling you that "everyone" is a potential customer because of your topic and, as a result, you'll sell more copies.

You sign on the dotted line.

Then they try to upsell you to expensive services like their $20,000 "marketing package."

Six months later, after you've been fleeced, you realize you've been had. Don't let this happen to you! In this 90-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • Things these scam artists do that should set off your B.S. Detector

  • More phrases the thieves use to convince you to hand over your credit card number

  • What you should expect to pay for writing, editing, a cover design, interior design, distribution, book consulting, marketing and publicity from reputable vendors.

  • 6 things to do if you've already been swindled

  • 5 things you must know about their promises of getting you publicity in top-tier media

  • 13 things that spell trouble when distributing your book

  • 10 signs you're working with a company that wants to fleece you

  • The details of our Publishing at Sea cruise Jan. 18-23 in the Caribbean and how you can join us for free.

If you missed the free webinar we hosted on Oct. 1 on "The 7 Deadly Sins Authors Make in Book Publishing Today," you can register to listen to the replay at your choice of times and dates at