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  • Presenter: Mike Gionta
  • Webinar: A Secret Strategy To Acquiring Highly Responsive Clients-Without Cold Calling
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Are You:

  • Sick & Tired of leaving voice mails that don't get returned?

  • Tired of Begging for Job Orders and Searches?

  • Sick of hearing "we only pay (this lousy)"?

Attend this session and You WILL Learn:

  • -- How to become the "Go To" Recruiter in your recruiting niche!

  • -- 3 Distinct Strategies that will get prospects crawling over each other 
    to work with you!

  • -- 1 specific strategy to get you known as the "EXPERT" in talent acquisition!

  • -- How to make your web site a Lead Capturing MAGNET.... and how to turn those leads into high PAYING clients (that call YOU)!

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