How To Create Great Video with Your IPad or IPhone

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You can attend this event with a Windows computer, Mac Computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Windows and Mac users require Flash as well as audio speakers.

It's no secret that online video is exploding. The problem most people have is that everything is too complicated.

Don't be most people!

Mu buddy and colleague Mike Stewart is a master at showing you the absolute easiest way to get high quality videos off your IPad and IPhone.

Also, you can sell your services by making video for others.

You will learn:

  • 4 Major places to put your videos to be found and get traffic

  • How to put a high quality but inexpensive microphone in to your ipad and iphone

  • The cheap and free apps to make fantastic video

  • How to Use Your Front and Back Cameras

  • How to Make simple edits

  • How to put music on your videos

  • How to Automatically Mix your music and voice

  • How to Automatically make beautiful transitions between scenes.

  • How to easily put text over your video clips

  • The best Teleprompter app so you can do long videos in one take

  • Super cool special effects apps that are either free or only 5 bucks

  • And like all my events: So. Much. More!